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H narratives - death is not what we thought.
As preparation for one of Hell's regional war games, Sunesis, a demon instructor, provides harsh lessons and surreal motivation to a group of dead people.

Toby, an ex special-forces soldier. Michi, an overindulged college student. Jesse, a director of business development. Kirsten, a stay-at-home mother of five. Palani, a semi-pro mixed martial artist. Elena, a United States border patrol agent.

Hell is what you make it, within the confines of what demons have made it, which is an entertainment venue where humans experience supernatural events, ominous environments and violent struggle.

H narratives is the mind-altering epic introduction to an afterlife never imagined, a journey like no other and a disturbing truth — death is not what we thought.

"A fun, fantastic and fiendish adventure."
~ Goodreads reviewer.
H narratives
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H narratives: Spiral Assault

H narratives: Spiral Assault, cover revealed.

Cover art for the second book in the H narratives series has been revealed.

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Horror Short Story - Mandy, Party of One

Mandy, Party of One. FREE short story.

A woman dies and goes to Hell.

Read the first short story to tie into the H narratives universe.

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Candy Cutter - a new novel by S.J. Romero

Also by S.J. Romero
Candy Cutter: a supernatural action-thriller.

A seventeen year old girl is given supernatural abilities as a means to hunt demon-possessed humans.

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